Photonic IC Design House


With more than 7 consecutive years of technical experience in the design and experimental demonstration of transmission, routing and switching photonic systems, CONSTELEX technical staff is in a unique position to offer to its clients access to an advanced modeling platform for the design and simulation of nanophotonic integrated circuits, components, devices and systems.


We develop simulation models and designs of integrated components and test their performance in realistic application scenarios:

  • silicon-on-insulator (SOI) nanophotonic ICs
  • semiconductor components (amplifiers, modulators, detectors, etc)
  • Photonic devices including all-optical wavelength converters and switches, broadband transmitters and receivers for coherent communications, optical network units for access networks, etc.
  • Photonic systems for telecom, datacom and sensing applications
  • Performance evaluation and benchmarking of photonic components and systems in DWDM  links and Access networks including P2P and P2MP architectures

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