New research project on green photonics

CONSTELEX participates and is responsible for the scientific and technological aspects of European co-funded research project C-3PO aiming to develop coolerless and colourless reflective photonic components for next generation transport and access networks.

Project C-3PO (Colourless and Coolerless Components for low Power Optical Networks) is a collaborative project co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, Information and Communication Technologies (Photonics Unit).

In the frames of the project, new power-efficient and wavelength-independent optoelectronic components will be developed for application in next generation green optical networks. Specifically, a new family of reflective 100 Gb/s transceivers and high port-count optical switches will be designed and developed so as to operate coolerless and colourless introducing a paradigm shift on the way next-generation metro and access networks are designed and built.

The "hardware" to be developed will be applied to IPoDWDM transport networks for achieving significant cost and energy reduction through the concept of "DWDM off the router" and combined with new reflective ROADMs for achieving unprecedented reconfigurability and flexibility. Moreover, the same core technology will be applied for building highly scalable, cost-effective and power efficient FTTH networks, exploiting reflective components in WDM-PON architectures.

C-3PO innovative technology and commercialization aspects requires a European approach. The following organisations participate in this industry-driven project, creating a powerful value chain:

  • Tyndall National Institute (Ireland) - System integration, testbed development and performance evaluation of C-3PO  components (Project Coordinator)
  • CIP Technologies (UK) - Technology developer, fabrication of coolerless and low-power photonic components using HyBoard technology
  • IMEC Design_Lab (Belgium) - Technology developer, design and development of record low-power electronic driver integrated circuits
  • POLATIS (UK) - Design and development of power-efficient high port-count optical switches
  • CONSTELEX Technology Enablers (Greece) - System design and simulations, exploitation and technology roadmapping (Technical Manager)
  • ADVA Optical Networking (Germany) - System specifications, roadmapping and main route for commercialization of technology

For more information please visit the project homepage