PEGASUS Series: Low noise high-power pre-amplifiers



The PEGASUS Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) series is CONSTELEX advanced series of amplifiers. The PEGASUS is a specially designed pre-amplifier and offers high output power, very low noise signal levels and very low input power levels.


PEGASUS amplifiers are ideal building blocks of low noise optically pre-amplified receiver systems suitable for core and access network testbeds. The series was designed for amplification of very weak signals, making these amplifiers ideal for testing research prototypes with high loss or photonic chips with high chip-to-fiber coupling losses.


PEGASUS amplifiers maintain very low noise output signal levels, due to special ASE management, with very high nominal gain (>50dB) and high saturated output power (>+20dBm) for input power levels as low as -40 dBm, whilst maintaining ultra-low noise figure values. Serial interface with easy-to-use software for monitoring and controlling the amplifier is also available.


Download PEGASUS datasheet (C-band)

Download PEGASUS-ULN datasheet (C-band)

Download PEGASUS-L datasheet (L-band)