TAURUS Series: In-line Optical Amplifiers


The TAURUS series is Constelex low-noise multi-stage Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers that can offer low input power levels combined with high saturated output powers. The TAURUS can be customized according to customer specifications in terms of output power, gain, noise characteristics, wavelength operation, gain flatness and number of mid-stage access taps for optimum photonic system designing. Each stage can be completely tailor-made according to the optical loss of each component or sub-system inserted to the amplifier.


All amplifiers are packaged in a user-friendly easy-to-use benchtop package combining compactness and cost-effectiveness.The product includes on/off key switch and current control for adjusting the emission status and pump current of the amplifiers. The front panel allows for monitoring the emission status, pump current and temperature. Serial interface with easy-to-use software for monitoring and controlling the amplifier is also available.


Download TAURUS-C Datasheet (C-band)


Download TAURUS-L Datasheet (L-band)