HYDRA Series: Combo optical amplifiers

The HYDRA Series is CONSTELEX cost-effective solution for offering multiple high-performance and low-cost Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs) in a single package combining compactness and significant cost reduction. Two different series is offered for operation either in the C- or L-bands.  A hybrid version of the HYDRA series is also available upon request, where C- and L- band amplifiers are cost-effectively integrated into a single system.

The HYDRA is fully customizable in terms of power levels, port numbers and if required hybrid C- and L-band amplifiers can be included in a single package.

The amplifiers are suitable for R&D, optical transmission, optical switching and optical processing applications that require the use of multiple EDFAs. The HYDRA-L models that are specifically designed for operation in the L-band, find application in gas sensing, CATV and telecoms where amplification in this window is required.

Serial interface with easy-to-use software for monitoring and controlling the amplifier is also available. The HYDRA is offered in a  benchtop, module or gain block enclosure for applications that demand low-cost, compact and easy-to-use optical amplifiers in the C- and L-bands.

Download HYDRA Datasheet (C-band)

Download HYDRA-L Datasheet (L-band)

Download HYDRA module Datasheet