ORION Series: ASE source & ASE/EDFA Combo


ORION is an Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) light source offered with various output power levels according to customer application requirements. Both C-band and C+L-band versions are available.


In addition, CONSTELEX offers the ORION-CB, a customer-inspired combo product that includes an ASE source co-packaged with independent tailor-made optical amplifiers. The amplifiers can be designed as boosters, in-line or pre-amplifiers covering the C- or L-bands. 


The product is offered in a 10.5” benchtop enclosure and includes on/off key switch and current control for adjusting the emission status and pump current of the ASE source and amplifier.


The front panel allows for monitoring the emission status, pump current and temperature. As with all our product series the ORION is fully customizable: you are free to choose the number of ports and power configuration per port that will best fit your application. Serial interface with easy-to-use software for monitoring and controlling the device is also available.


As with all Constelex products, the ORION can be customized as a stand-alone ASE source or an array of ASE sources co-packaged in a single enclosure.


Download ORION-C Datasheet (C-band ASE Source)

Download ORION-CL Datasheet (C+L band ASE Source)