Who we are

Constelex Technology Enablers is part of Gooch & Housego, a global business specializing in photonic components and systems. 

Constelex was established by highly skilled and motivated engineers with world-leading track record in the photonics R&D field. The company’s mission is to offer advanced technology solutions enabled by optics, optoelectronics and photonics.

Constelex designs, manufactures and markets low-noise, high power and tailor-made optical fiber amplifiers and lasers applicable to telecoms, sensing and defense applications based on a patent pending technology.

Constelex also specializes in the design and modeling of micro/nano-photonic components and systems and also offers a testing and system integration platform for transforming research prototypes into fully functional systems. We collaborate with academia and industry for strengthening and fully capitalizing on their capabilities to perform innovative R&D.

Our people are recognized engineers and scientists with proven track record and the capability for problem-solving. We are perfectly geared for running and leading R&D projects and also bringing multi-disciplinary projects to life, bridging micro- and nano- technologies with biology, robotics and photonics.